Biggest Life Transition In Quite Awhile

For the past couple of days, I’ve been typing in searches in my browser (Firefox) and it would immediately open a page with Yahoo.

Not sure I can explain it, but I really prefer Google over Yahoo. So I’m irritated. When I try to reset the default search option to Google, Firefox just keeps using Yahoo, in spite of my deepest heartfelt desires.

My relationship with Mozilla-Firefox began around 2006 with the purchase of my first Macbook Pro. I never liked Safari as a browser so I started using Firefox. And even though I’ve switched back to PC/Windows for the past 4-5 years, I continue preferring Firefox browsing to any other options.

Even as I began to use Google, GMail, YouTube, etc with great regularity, I resisted the the Chrome transition just because I thought Firefox was like the “idependent” option among all the bipartisan browsers on the market.

But today…

I have officially become a Chromer. What’s next? Replacing my iPhone with a Google phone?!?