Lunching with Students

A couple of days ago I met up with a first-year engineering student at Donatos. Rarely will a student turn me away if I offer them a free lunch!

Turns out, this student has a super-solid background in the faith. I always enjoy hearing a student’s story and figuring out where they’re at on the faith journey. This guy just needed a little nudge in the right direction and some help connecting with christian community on campus. He was excited about the potential of meeting with me every-other week or so for some discipleship and mentoring conversations.

Often, I can tell right away if a student has any spiritual motivation…a desire to grow and thrive in their faith while away at college. No doubt, this student is going to plug into some Christian community and grow like crazy during his college years.

In my new role with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, I will have the opportunity to make sure more students like this find Christian community and connect with a nearby church as they pursue their academic goals. There are still well over 1500 campuses across that US that have no activities ministries providing this kind of opportunity for new students. We can change that!

Want to help us reach that goal?! New ministries on campuses that need communities of faith grounded on the Good News of Jesus is what we’re aiming for. You can be a part of that by joining our team of financial partners. Invest in lives of college students today. Join us today…your support WILL make a difference.